Framed Katagami Stencil from EDO Era


A beautifully hand excised mulberry bark stencil framed to Museum standard

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Framed Katagami Stencil from EDO Era

An outstanding Antique Japanese Stencil from the Edo era between 1850 and 1883.  A timeless and work or art by a highly skilled artisan, executed with great precision and care.

Carefully hand made with mulberry bark and washed with persimmon rind.  It is then hand excised and smoke cured over many weeks.

Katagami stencils were in use during the EDO era to apply designs to kimono silk and the same tradition is still in use today.

Framed and Mounted to Museum Conservation Standard using True Vue 99% Anti UV Glass.  Print tipped to acid free foam core backing and mat by rice paper hinges upper corners and wheatflour starch adhesive.

Local Pickup is available from Melbourne for this item.

Stencil dimensions approximately 42 cm Wide and 25 cm Height.

Framed dimensions approximately 59 cm Wide and 52 cm Height

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