Rare WW2 Japanese Nationalistic Fan – SOLD

Rare WW2 1920s hand made Nationalistic Fan depicting a Young female in nationalistic attire

Product Description

Rare WW2 Japanese Nationalistic Fan   SOLD

A beautiful Uchiwa or fixed fan from Japan. This is a rare WW2 Japanese Nationalistic Fan hand made as a memento in the 1920’s.  Beautifully detailed it depicts a Young Japanese female in nationalistic attire.

Totally hand made from Washi (rice paper) and handpainted with bamboo handle.

In excellent condition with signature and seal on the reverse.

World War II  also known as the Second World War, was a global war that lasted from 1939 to 1945.  Although related conflicts began earlier, it involved the vast majority of the world’s nations eventually forming two opposing military alliances; the Allies and the Axis.  It was the most widespread war in history involving more than 100 million people from over 30 countries.  The major participants threw their entire economic, industrial, and scientific capabilities behind the war effort erasing the distinction between civilian and military resources.   

The Empire of Japan aimed to dominate Asia and the Pacific.  Japan was already at war with the Republic of China, but the world war is generally said to have begun on 1 September 1939 with the invasion of  Poland by Germany and subsequent declarations of war on Germany by France and the United Kingdom.




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