Eisen Tryptych The Night Lamp At Akiba


three courtesans on a summer night

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Eisen Tryptych The Night Lamp At Akiba

Beautifully detailed genuine hand produced set of Triptych Woodblock Prints by Keisai Eisen.  Titled “The Night Lamp At Akiba” also known as “Three Courtesans On A Summer Night”.

Bats flit in the sky and a lantern stands at the right of a courtesan.  The inscription reads “Akiba All-night Lantern” and the moonlight casts shadows on the ground where two pupplies are playing.  The Geisha to the right is humming to herself and holding a songbook.  A woman waits for her leaning against the palanquin.  This work from the Bunsei era is one of Eisen’s most successful works.

There are 3 individual prints in the set and they are all freestanding and also in excellent condition from meticulously hand carved blocks from the Showa era.

Signed Kesai Eisen ga  |  Publisher Name Umeura Yohei  | Censor’s seal Kiwame Seal  | Futukata Carver Hori Takichi  | Posthumous Publishers Name  Tsutaya Kichizo

Dimensions of each sheet : Oban Height 29.5 cm x Width 19.5 cm OR 11.6  x 7.6 inches

Total Dimensions approximately: Height 29.5 cm x Width 58 cm OR 11.6 X 22.8 inches

Shipping is Standard Air with tracking via Australia Post approximately 8 business days

Keisai Eisen (1790 – 1848) was a Japanese ukiyo-e artist who specialised in bijinga (pictures of beautiful women).

Eisen was born in Edo into the Ikeda family.  He also apprenticed under Kanō Hakkeisai and he took the name Keisai.  After the death of his father he studied under Kikugawa Eizan and his initial works reflected the influence of his mentor and soon after he developed his own style.

He also created a number of erotic as well as landscape prints that were privately issued.  Eisen also created The Sixty-nine Stations of the Kiso Kaidō.   He also produced many portraits and full-length studies depicting the fashions of the time.


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