Hiroshige Halibut And Rock Fish Woodblock Print


“an Olive Halibut and a Black Rockfish swim alongside wild cherry blossoms and a poem by Osaki Koharu”

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Hiroshige Halibut And Rock Fish Woodblock Print

A beautifully rendered vintage mid 20th century, genuine woodblock print as was signed by Ando Hiroshige on traditional hand made washi paper.  The print is from the Grand Series of Fishes – Uwo-zukushi or every variety of fish. An Olive Halibut also known as Hirame swims alongside a Black Rock Fish known as Mebaru.  Wild cherry blossoms and a poem by Osaki Koharu surround the fishes.

The Dimensions are 37.5 cm  wide and  27 cm high.

Shipping via Australia Post with tracking and is approximately 8 business days.

Utagawa Hiroshige also Andō Hiroshige  (1797 to 1858).  Hiroshige was one of the great masters of the ukiyo-e tradition.

Hiroshige is famous for his landscapes.  His works also encompass series such as  “One Hundred Views of Edo” as well as “Fifty-three Stations of the Tokaido”.  In addition Hiroshige also created the series “Sixty-nine Stations of the Kiso Kaido”.  He is also famous for his nature prints featuring birds, fish and flowers.



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