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Original Woodblock Print Samurai Uprising

Original woodblock print samurai uprising estimated to be from the 1890s.

Discolouration and wear on the left margins as as indicated in product images.  Unknown artist.

Paper size: Oban 37.5 cm Height and 25 cm Width

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The Satsuma Rebellion  Seinan Sensō also referred to as the Southwestern War. 

This was a revolt of disaffected samurai against the new imperial government.  It took place nine years into the Meiji Era.   The Satsuma Domain was also very influential in the Restoration.  Satsuma also became home to unemployed samurai after military reforms rendered their status obsolete.  The rebellion ran from January 29 1877 to September 1877.   It was at this time that its leader, Saigō Takamori, ended his life.

Saigō’s rebellion was also the last and the most serious of a series of armed uprisings against the new government.


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Dimensions25 × 37.5 cm



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