Torii Kiyonaga Geisha in the Wind


Woodblock by Torii Kiyonaga Tachibana Geisha in the Wind (1752-1815)  Beautifully mounted to Museum Conservation Standard.

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Torii Kiyonaga Geisha in the Wind

“Tosei Yuri Bijin Awase Tachibana Chugi” which translates as Tachibana Geisha in the Wind. From the series “A comparison of fashionable beauties of the gay quarters ”

Charming Edo era scene of two fashionable geisha as they hurry along the street with skirts billowing in the wind.  Behind them a maid is carrying an umbrella.  The beauties clutch at the hems of their kimono, the strong breeze swirling the fabric about their legs.  A beautiful color palette.

Original Date: ca 1780s. This print from hand re-carved woodblocks and printed on Washi paper Showa 48th year (1973) #4 of a limited edition set of 24.  Adachi stamp on back.

Publisher: Adachi  This reprint is from the famous Tokyo publisher Adachi, one of the most respected publishers of the 20th century.   This print is sealed with the Adachi seal in ink on the reverse.

Torii Kiyonaga 1752-1815 was a student of Torii Kiyomitsu ca 1735-1785.  After the death of his master Kiyonaga was adopted by the Torii family and continued the family business of print and bookmaking.  He was also active in painting. Kiyonaga is considered a major printmaker of his time and his works cover all popular subjects at the end of the 18th century, bijin, actors and genre scenes.

Print Dimensions 26.8 wide and 39.1 cm high.

Mounted Dimensions 38.5cm wide and 55 cm high

Beautifully mounted to Museum conservation standard.

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