Hiroshige 53 Stations of Tokaido Station 45


A beautifully detailed woodblock print from “The Fifty-Three Stations of the Tokaido” Station 45 Ishiyakushi – KYOKA EDITION. On each print is a comic poem (kyoka).

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Hiroshige 53 Stations of Tokaido Station 45 Ishiyakushi

A beautifully detailed 20th Century woodblock print from the series Hiroshige 53 Stations of Tokaido Station 45 Ishiyakushi (Tokaido Gojo Santsugi).   There are approximately 13 versions of the series and this print is from the KYOKA Edition.

The print also features a comic poem also known as a kyoka.

The print is believed to be part of the series which was privately printed for the Taihaido Poetry Club.  Publisher Sanoya Kihei (Kikakudo).

In excellent condition.  Artist and Publishers seal on the print.

Dimensions Approximately 33 cm x  24 cm

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Utagawa Hiroshige also known as  Andō Hiroshige  1797 to 1858.  Hiroshige was the last great master of the ukiyo-e tradition.

Hiroshige is famous for his landscapes as well as his depictions of birds and flowers.  He created series such as the Fifty-three Stations of the Tokaido and the Sixty-nine Stations of the Kiso Kaido.

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Dimensions33 × 24 cm



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