Sadanobou Woodblock Print Maiko Girl Playing Hand Drum


a beautiful and vibrant depiction of an apprentice geisha with her instrument of entertainment

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Sadanobou Woodblock Print Maiko Girl Playing Hand Drum

A beautifully detailed and vibrant woodblock print of a Geisha entertainer by Sadanobou Hasegawa III.  The print is titled  ‘Maiko Girl Playing Hand-Drum’.  The print is from the Meiji Era and estimated to be 1930s when the artist started producing woodblock prints in earnest.

The Maiko (apprentice Geisha) is kneeling with her hand drum and dressed in traditional kimono  attire.  Sadanobou Hasegawa III (1881 – 1962).

The print is in very good condition.  There are some minor scarring on the surface of the rear of the print due to original tabs which secured it to a folder.

Dimensions of print 7.25 inches x 10 inches

Shipping is Standard Air via Australia Post with Tracking and takes approximately 8 business days.

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