Sharaku Woodblock Print Wet Nurse Shigenoi


A beautifully rendered Oban Woodblock Print of  kabuki actor Iwai Hanshiro IV as the Wet Nurse Shigenoi.

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Sharaku Woodblock Print Wet Nurse Shigenoi

An excellent Oban Woodblock Print of the kabuki actor Iwai Hanshiro IV as the Wet Nurse Shigenoi.   An excellent woodblock print with wonderful colour and marvelous detail as well as a shimmering mica background.

Printed in mid 20th Century Japan.  Publisher: Oedo Mokuhansha

Beautifully rendered polychrome (nishiki-e) pigment on handmade Mulberry Bark Washi paper using meticulously hand carved woodblocks.

Dimensions of Paper 38 cm Height x 26 cm Width

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About The Play

Iwai Hanshiro IV played the leading female as the wet-nurse Shigenoi in the play titled ‘The Loved Wife’s Parti-Coloured Reins’.  Causing the suicide of her father, she also suffers separation from her illegitimate son Sankichi.  Shigenoi is holdling a wallet in her hands.

Sharaku produced some of the most evocative art of the floating world and his artistic abilities were well ahead of his time.  His designs still stand unchallenged as the quintessence of Kabuki Theatre.   Sharaku was active for a brief period of 10 months between 1794 and 1795.  It was also believed he was a noh actor in the service of the Lord of Awa.  Sharaku’s works are in many of the leading museums around the world  such as The Metropolitan Museum of Art New York, The Museum of Fine Arts Boston, The Art Institute of Chicago, The British Museum London, State Hermitage Museum St Petersburg as well as Tokyo National Museum.

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Dimensions26 × 39 cm



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