Kiyonaga Diptych Viewing A Snow Covered Garden


Bijin-ja viewing a snow covered garden from their verandah

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Kiyonaga Diptych Viewing A Snow Covered Garden

A beautifully detailed mid 20th century set of two woodblock prints by Torii Kiyonaga.  Executed with excellent details and registration and vibrant colours on authentic washi paper.  Bijin-ja or beautiful women in traditional attire viewing a garden covered in snow from a verandah.

Bijin-ja or beautiful women were one of one of Kiyonaga’s favourite subjects.

Kiyonaga saw in these girls his image of an ideal woman, who was as healthy and beautiful as the females in Greek sculpture.

The prints are in excellent condition.

Shipping is via Australia Post with tracking and is approximately 8 business days to most international locations.

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