Kiyonaga Double Ooban Public Bath


A rare double Ooban Woodblock Print by Torii Kiyonaga “Public Bath”  from mid 20th century of a womans’ bath house

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Kiyonaga Double Ooban Public Bath

A rare Double Ooban size Kiyonaga woodblock print depicting a Womans’ Bath House ca 1787.  (50cm x 37cm).  The interior of a womens’ bath-house where a new customer carrying a bath-robe has just arrived on the right.  Another young woman is standing behind her wearing a yukata and a mother is drying a young child in the foreground.  At the back of the room a woman has just come out of a bath.  In the left-hand panel a woman in a yukata is wringing out a cloth over a wooden bucket.  Two other women kneeling on the floor are drying themselves.  On the far left a woman with a yukata is about to leave.  Behind the wooden paneling the male bath-house attendant goes about his duties.

Published by Iseya ca 1787 whose sign appears on the large bucket in the foreground

Print Dimensions 50 cm wide x 37 cm high.

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About Torii Kiyonaga

Torii Kiyonaga 1752-1815, was a student of Torii Kiyomitsu ca 1735-1785.  After the death of his master, Kiyonaga was adopted by the Torii family.  He continued the family business of print and bookmaking.  He was also active in painting.  Kiyonaga is considered a major printmaker of his time. His subjects cover all popular subjects at the end of the 18th century – bijin, actors or genre scenes.

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