Special Price for Shoyeido Xiang-Do Incense Range

Special Price for Shoyeido Xiang-Do Incense Range

Kasasagi is pleased to offer a special price for Shoyeido Xiang-Do Incense range until existing stocks are sold out.  The Xiang-do range uses an exclusive process to create pressed incense range which has a dense, rich aroma.

Choose from the most comprehensive range of Shoyeido Incense in Australia & New Zealand at prices that are great value for money.

Great shipping costs with one flat shipping charge for your incense order.

Great atmospheric scents from the exclusive process used by Shoyeido to create the Xiang-Do line of short stick incense.  A biodegradable holder included with each packet of Xiang-Do incense.

Choose from great aromas such as Sandalwood, Frankincense, Agarwood, Tea, Sencha (Green Tea), Grapefruit, Palo Santo, Lavender, Forest and Peppermint.



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