The Great (Busy) Buddha of Kamakura

So yes, some traditional cultural elements are slowing in Japan, however 750 year old “Kamakura Daibutsu” is busier than ever. This behemoth bronze Buddha attracts increasingly large numbers of both foreign and Japanese visitors. Cast of bronze in 1252, unique techniques, sophisticated for the period were used . The interior of the statue is hollow…
All Quiet In Shinagawa

All Quiet In Kamakura

Midweek silence in this local Kamakura wood craftsman’s workshop. Sadly now a common state for traditional trade and family craft businesses that were once a hive of activity and an essence of Japanese culture.

Shoyeido Seifu Fresh Breeze Incense

Previously unavailable, Shoyeido Seifu Fresh Breeze Incense is a beautifully balanced blend of sandalwood sandalwood cinnamon & clove with the lingering top note of Agarwood. A clear, calming & refined fragrance Limited quantity available in individual bundles of 40 sticks each 13.5 cm long. Burning time approx 30 mins. Shoyeido Seifu Fresh Breeze Incense 40…
Sukenobu Woodblock Print Sleeping Woman

The Place for Japanese Antiques and Shoyeido Incense

The Place for Japanese Antiques and Shoyeido Incense Do you like Japanese Woodblock Prints and all things Japanese. Do you dislike spending time surfing the web to find the best products. Would you like to minimise your time online and make your purchases from a trusted source. Kasasagi Fine Arts has been selling the best…
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