Teruhide Kato Woodblock Prints

Teruhide Kato Woodblock Print Shidare Roji

Teruhide Kato started his career as a successful Kimono Designer in the 1960s and 70s.

At the age of 50 he fulfilled his long held dream of becoming a traditional woodblock artist.  He gained fame for his contemporary woodblock shin-hanga prints of his native town Kyoto.  The laneways of Gion in Kyoto are some of his signature works.  He also produced works of iconic landmarks in Kyoto such as the Golden Temple and the Bamboo Forest in Arashimaya.

Since his passing away in 2015 his wife continues to stamp his works which are produced from the original woodblocks with the red seal of Kato.

Kasasagi has a selection of woodblock prints by Kato which are in excellent and unused condition.

Teruhide Kato Woodblock Prints

Teruhide Kato Bamboo In Early SummerTeruhide Kato Gion Alley In Autumn

Teruhide Kato Snow In Gion Laneway

Teruhide Kato Fushimi Inari Shrine In Kyoto

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