The Place for Japanese Antiques and Shoyeido Incense

Sukenobu Woodblock Print Sleeping Woman

The Place for Japanese Antiques and Shoyeido Incense

Do you like Japanese Woodblock Prints and all things Japanese.

Do you dislike spending time surfing the web to find the best products.

Would you like to minimise your time online and make your purchases from a trusted source.

Kasasagi Fine Arts has been selling the best Japanese Artisan incense from Shoyeido online to many happy customers.

Our woodblock prints, Imari and Kutani and other Japanese Antiques are part of our personal collection.  We have a large collection of military items.  Not all of our products are online, but we regularly update our website with new items from our collection.

Every purchase you make should be special and we want it to be special for you, so we gift wrap all our orders.

We love the detail and work that goes into creating the items we sell.  Our incense from Shoyeido is the best artisan, handmade incense from Kyoto.

We have had a rush on our Shoyeido incense orders and are currently in the process of replenishing our stock.  We will be extending our range to add more of Shoyeido incense lines so watch out for our new stock and new products in the near future.

Thank you for your patience


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