View our Blogs from Japan

View our Blogs from Japan

Kasasagi Gallery will be closed from Monday 7 October and reopen on Saturday 26th October.  Our website will remain active for inquiries and sales and we will post all articles on 30 October.  For any orders placed during this period we will send you a small gift with your order as a token of our appreciation for your patience.

We will be travelling to Osaka, Kyoto and Tokyo and will post regular updates on the website.

October is known as Kaminazuki which is “Month of the Gods”.  While we may not see many physical manifestations of the Gods we will be visiting temples and doing our bit to support the Shinto Monks who stand tirelessly for hours without a break collecting donations.  Shintoism is the original faith of the indigenous Japanese, involving the worship of various Gods, Spirits and demons called Kami.

We will be looking for unique artwork and other objects during our trip.  If there is something you have been looking for please email us and we will look out for it during our travels.

Shinto Monk collecting donations

View our Blogs from Japanokyo
View our Blogs from Japan


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