We Stand Against Animal Cruelty

We Stand Against Animal Cruelty

We have taken a strong stand against cruelty to animals.  Our most recent action has been in support of “Free the Bears” in sponsoring 2 Bears, CJ and Bouncer.

CJ is is a Sloth Bear in India who was exposed to extreme cruelty which caused him to lose his right eye.  He is now being cared for in a reservation in Agra.

We Stand Against Animal Cruelty
CJ The Sloth Bear

Bouncer is a Moon Bear who lost an arm from poaching activity.  He is now being cared for in a reservation in Thailand.

We Stand Against Animal Cruelty
Bouncer the Moon Bear

Helping to stop cruelty to animals is a commitment we have made at Kasasagi.  We would like to encourage you to take a stand by supporting your favourite cause to help end abuse and cruelty to animals.

We are very concerned about the inhuman poaching and senseless slaughter of Elephants, Big Cats and other animals Worldwide.  We are determined to ensure that any organisations we support dedicate 100% of their funds and volunteer efforts to the care and prevention of cruelty to animals.

Free the Bears is a not for profit organisation and have a diverse range of programs from rescuing bears to placing them in sanctuary.  They have a volunteer program which anyone over 21 can participate in.  We are currently looking into how we can participate in this program and would encourage you to consider how you can make a difference in some way to preventing cruelty and abuse of animals.


Free the Bears - Volunteer  


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